Level-up in Aesthetics

Bringing your boat’s looks to another level with unlimited ways of customization for your boat. 

You can choose between three colors and multiple premade textures. Include an engraving of your choice or add the logo of your personal brand. 

Want to go the extra mile? Our team can help you with creating your own design. 

Level-up in Comfort

Whether with bare feet or with a fancy boating shoe, stepping on SofDek is warm and comfortable. Shock-absorbant feel makes each of your steps land softly. The material feels warm under your skin and has sound-insulating qualities. A slightly brushed texture gives grip in all weather conditions.

Level-up in Practicality 

Strengthened synthetical material ensures SofDek durability over the years. Heightened UV-light resistance and Water-resistance resistance help ensure the long-lasting fresh look of your boat.

and SofDek is easy to maintain.






SofDek Marine Flooring


2 years warranty on all orders.
Make sure to read the terms and conditions for more information on your warranty.

How to install

Find how to install instructions here: URL

Bayliner 3055 Ciera

Start your build by selecting the color and texture of your liking.

Looking at the picture on the left side, you can see the areas covered with SofDek. Choose the kit according to the place you want to cover with SofDek.

Choose Your Kit

Choose the area of your boat you want to cover with SofDek

Choose Color

Choose Design

Choose the texture by browsing the pictures on the left

  • Texture *

  • Engraving meaningful words, a name or similar elements to your SofDek design

  • Enter text for engraving *

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  • Add your logo files here *

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