The Advantages of using SofDek

SofDek material, also known as synthetic EVA marine-grade foam, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for teak flooring on boats. This material offers a number of advantages over traditional wooden teak flooring, making it a great option for boat owners.

One of the biggest advantages of synthetic EVA material is its durability. Unlike wooden teak, EVA foam is resistant to rot, decay, and water damage. It is also able to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas on boats such as decks and walkways.

Another advantage of synthetic EVA material is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden teak, which requires regular cleaning and oiling to maintain its appearance, EVA foam can be easily cleaned with soap and water and does not require any additional maintenance.

In addition to its durability and low maintenance requirements, synthetic EVA material is also much lighter than wooden teak. This can be a significant advantage for boat owners, as it reduces the overall weight of the boat and improves fuel efficiency.

Another advantage of synthetic EVA material is its non-slip surface. The surface texture of EVA foam provides excellent traction and grip, even when wet, making it a safer option than wooden teak.

Finally, synthetic EVA material is also more affordable than wooden teak. While the initial cost of installing EVA foam flooring may be slightly higher than wooden teak, the long-term cost savings in terms of maintenance and replacement make it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

In conclusion, synthetic EVA material is a great option for boat owners looking for a durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative to wooden teak flooring. Its non-slip surface, Light weight and durability make it a perfect fit for the marine environment.

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